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2018 Healthcare Trends

Impacts On Military Beneficiares

2018 Healthcare Trends: Impacts On Military Beneficiaries

January 19, 2018

As we begin 2018, we take a look at the past few years to predict some of

the trends we might see in the health care environment this year.

In 2016, health care comprised 17.9 percent of the nation's GDP (up from

17.7 percent in 2015). Consumers continue to bear more of the costs of

their care, which are passed on to them from their employers. According

to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, U.S. households

/nance a little over 28 percent of the costs of health care and the rise in

these costs increased an average of 4.3 percent in 2016 over the prior

year. (A continued good-news story for military bene/ciaries is that the

percentage of health care costs in DoD's budget has remained stable or

even decreased.) Controlling costs will continue to be important, and

organizations and health plans will manage this in a variety of ways.

Here are four trend areas that will shape health care in 2018:

Greater emphasis and reliance on technology: The use of various

technologies will become even more pronounced as they become

essential enablers in the expansion of access to care. The electronic

health record (EHR) systems are proliferating in all practice environments.

This will facilitate large amounts of health care data, “big data,” to be

aggregated for better patient management and population health

management and will enable tracking of care of individuals and groups.

With DoD and the VA agreeing to use the same EHR, called Genesis, they

now will be able to track servicemembers health outcomes longitudinally

over time.

The use of mobile technologies will expand rapidly. Both providers and

consumers continue to /nd new uses for digital health technology, such

as /tness trackers, heart monitors, diabetic sugar monitors, and

smartphone applications. Clinical research supports that consumers can

experience better outcomes when they can track results and are better

informed about health.

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