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Coastal Carolina Chapter of MOAA

Why Join a Local Chapter

Make yourself heard.CCMOAA provides critical grassroots support for MOAA’s national legislative agenda. Veterans, Service Member's and their families benefits are under attack and MOAA is in the fight to preserve them. Chapter members let their legislators know what’s on their minds and open doors for MOAA’s legislative team in Washington, D.C. In these difficult times, MOAA members need to stick together and our chapters are the best way we know to do that.

Giving back to the community. Chapter members are MOAA’s ambassadors in North Carolina's DownEast communities, supporting countless programs that make a difference in the lives of others. Our members continue their “officership” service and are giving back in the truest sense.

Value added to chapter member's lives. CCMOAA sponsors interesting programs and opportunities to interact with civic, political, military, and business leaders on issues important to members.

Networking with fellow officers. CCMOAA includes both second career members in the work force and retired service-members who have contacts in our local communities and can be valuable to transitioning officers.

Stay informed. Chapter newsletters, websites, and meetings provide you the latest information on local, state, and national issues and changes to military benefits.

Influencing North Carolina State legislation. North Carolina's Council of Chapters unites every MOAA chapter in the state. Our council and independent chapters lobby for and pass state-level legislation that affects military members and their families, such exempting military retired pay from state income tax or increasing funding for state-run VA programs.

Camaraderie with a purpose. CCMOAA unites active duty, former, and retired officers from every branch of service, including National Guard and Reserve, as well as surviving spouses. These centers of camaraderie not only give you a chance to connect with other members with similar backgrounds and interest, but to also develop close and lasting friendships.

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Who is eligible to join MOAA and the Coastal Carolina Chapter?

* Membership is open to active duty, former, retired, and National Guard and Reserve commissioned and warrant officers of the uniformed services and their surviving spouses.

* Chapter members must hold and maintain membership in both MOAA National and are willing to join. Coastal Carolina chapter dues are $25.00 annually for regular members with substantial discounts for multiple years.

If you are undecided regarding membership, try Basic as it is free. MOAA Basic, through its e-newsletter, illustrates easily the value of being a MOAA Member. Once satisfied, consider joining a local chapter and participating in activities in your own back yard. Please see the National Membership page which contains more information and membership categories - Life, Premium, and Basic. here.

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Application Form and Dues

You may join by downloading a either the National or Chapter membership application forms below, completing the form and:

1. Either e-mailing it to president@ccmoaa.org

2. or, Mailing the form together with your enrollment information and check as indicated on the form.

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Meeting and Event Information

Locations and times of CCMOAA Events

Meeting times and event locations will be published in our Clarion Newsletter or the Web-page and its crawler at the top of the splash-page.

We hold four scheduled events every year: 1) May's Scholarship Dinner; 2) July's Summer Activity; 3) September's Pig Pick'n; and 4) December's Toys-for-Tots Luncheon.

We also have several community events that CCMOAA participates in such as the MumFest, Veterans Day Luncheon, and Wreaths Across America. This information is on the website and in our Newsletter as well.

Meeting and event locations can always be found in our Clarion Newsletter in the Events Section. In addition, locations plus points of contact for specific events will also be included on a RSVP flyer that can be downloaded or printed.

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