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Meeting and Event Information

Locations and times of CCMOAA Events

Meeting times and event locations will be published in our Clarion Newsletter or the Web-page and its crawler at the top of the splash-page.

We hold four scheduled events every year: 1) May's Scholarship Dinner; 2) July's Summer Activity; 3) September's Pig Pick'n; and 4) December's Toys-for-Tots Luncheon.

We also have several community events that CCMOAA participates in such as the MumFest, Veterans Day Luncheon, and Wreaths Across America. This information is on the website and in our Newsletter as well.

Meeting and event locations can always be found in our Clarion Newsletter in the Events Section. In addition, locations plus points of contact for specific events will also be included on a RSVP flyer that can be downloaded or printed.

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NC Council of Chapters Convention at Sea

NC Council of Chapters

Convention at Sea

MOAA North Carolina Council of Chapter’s 2023 Convention will be a Veterans Day Cruise (Convention at Sea) from November 11-16, 2023.

Five nights Aboard Carnival’s “Sunshine of the Seas” Departing from Charleston, SC - Destination- Nassau, Half Moon Cay (Little Salvador Island) and the Bahamas. The cruise is open to all MOAA members, family, and friends, leaving from the Charleston Port on November 11, 2023.

Please refer to the brochure and FAQ information included on reservations, cost, activities, and the payment contact.

Check frequently as information will continue to change as Carnival continues to redo their pricing.

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Events – New Format “Jump Ball”

In the future, get togethers will be called “jump-ball events”. The idea is to piggy-back onto events that are already planned and organized. CCMOAA would advertise that we are attending these events and anyone who wishes to join in, along with their civilian guests, are welcome.

The Sunset Cruise, which was very successful and was used as a working model. As you recall it was just a general invitation to the Chapter with over 25 of you showing up. It was successful as all we had to do was board the ocean catamaran and have an adult beverage and we were underway.

Future examples might be:

- Freedom Classic baseball game between the USNA and USAFA – with tailgate

- USNA vs. ECU football game – with tailgate

- Parades (4th of July, Veterans Day, etc.)

- Winery or Distillery events and tastings

We can use these events as an abbreviated membership meeting. If you have a suggestion, let our President or 2nd Vice, Randy Bogle know, and we’ll try and get it on the calendar.

Check back often, as we will be posting events monthly.

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