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Equal Tax Treatment of Gov't Retirees

Time to Thank our Legislators

Great news... On Wednesday, HB 213 "Equal Tax Treatment of Gov't Retirees," was filed in the NC House to address the unfair tax issue faced by our advocates (and many others) - taxation of government retirement benefits. The bill's primary sponsors are: Rep. George Cleveland (R-Onslow); Rep. Hugh Blackwell (R-Burke); Rep. Pat Hurley (R-Randolph); and, Rep. Michael Speciale (R-Craven).

Now is a great time to thank these legislators and remind them of the impact of their work, and we ask that you take a moment to send them an email which you can personalize. Be sure to add your contact info! (There will likely be additional sponsors added, but this email will target only the four primary sponsors.)

Primary Sponsor Email Addresses:

• George.Cleveland@ncleg.net

• Hugh.Blackwell@ncleg.net

• Pat.Hurley@ncleg.net

• Michael.Speciale@ncleg.net

Sample Message:

As one of our state's hundreds of thousands of local, state and federal government employees and retirees, as well as active-duty and retired members of the military, thank you for sponsoring HB 213, "Equal Tax Treatment of Gov't Retirees." The time has come to end the unfair taxation of hard-earned government retirement benefits, and your bill is a step in the right direction.

All those who serve in government and the military, regardless of when they retire, deserve the same treatment. Thank you for your service to our state, for standing up for these workers and retirees, and for honoring our service.


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North Carolina Veterans Legislation (2019-2020 Reg)

Both House and Senate Bills

Enclosed is the list of current North Carolina Veterans Legislation proposed for the regular 2019-2020 session. Many of the items are funding bills that will take some getting used to as with all legislation it is a hodge-podge of proposed appropriations.

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NC Veterans (doc 6.5 Kb)

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Old North State - 2019 Legislative Session

February 8, 2019

This week contains update on Public Health, Schools and the Governor's State of the State resolution.

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Old North State Report - February 8, 2019 (pdf 176.7 Kb)

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