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MOAA Membership

Benefits of a MOAA Membership


How Surviving Spouses Benefit From MOAA Membership

MOAA’s mission is to improve the lives of those who serve or have served and their families. As surviving spouse of a MOAA member, you have opportunities to connect with others who have suffered a loss in addition to receiving information about your benefits and programs that might be new to you.

Understandably, when someone becomes a surviving spouse, there is a certain knowledge gap to navigate. Surviving spouses of MOAA work to help close that gap.

It’s also important to note many survivors might not be aware they are eligible to join MOAA even if their military spouses were not MOAA members.

Depending on your membership level, surviving spouses will have a consistent line of communication as well as support regarding their eligibility for various MOAA benefits, such as discounts, advocacy, scholarships, and membership to their virtual chapter. Communication options include telephone, emails, literature, social media, and webinars.

How Surviving Spouses Benefit From MOAA Membership

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