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The Guide to Planning Ahead


A Guide to Planning Ahead

Life often takes unexpected turns. Your account inventories should become an appreciated and valuable resource for you and your loved ones if assistance regarding personal information becomes necessary. Completing this document benefits your family but also you, as it should instill more peace of mind that you are prepared for life’s changes.

ContentsThis inventory offers an opportunity to organize crucial information in one compact list, readily accessible in times of crisis. Use this workbook to get a handle on essential data, from basic contact information to investments, legal documents, schools, insurance policies, and much more.

Organizing — and periodically updating — pertinent data in an all-in-one, easy-to-access workbook ensures you’ll have important information at your fingertips. Once you’ve completed this workbook, keep its contents in a safe place. Consider using a fireproof safe and keeping copies in secure places outside your home. Write with a pencil in sections that are sure to need frequent updates.

Family Matters

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